First post

I guess everyone has to make their “first” blog post, I’m certain that others have set the bar very high…but I strive to set expectations low and to over deliver.  With that being said, I will attempt to just state what I hope this blog becomes.

I work every day in helping companies work towards efficiency, primarily as it relates to and around their corporate data centers.  The fact is that the “Data Center” extends far beyond the physical presence that most think of, it impacts how a company does its business internally and externally.  The “Data Center” enables them to deliver applications, services, widgets, or otherwise…but much of the orchestration that makes any business operates starts in the data center.

Most data centers have a lost of waste.  Wasted space.  Wasted energy. Wasted people.  Wasted time.  Waste is almost the norm for data centers and IT operations, it is usually forced by the complexity of the modern business world.  Complex requirements lead to overly complex solutions.

I work (through my employer) to help customers drive this waste out.  There are endless options to approach making the data center, IT, and business more efficient.  Some would look at this as “greening of the data center”, the green could either be the hard cash that is saved or the reduced environmental impact that can be achieved.

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