Crazy schedule and its not letting up

Well, as everyone can tell…I just started this thing and I already fell off, or so it would seem.  I took a week of time off to go to a friends wedding, which meant no laptop…and I just didn’t have anything relevant to post while trying to avoid thinking about work and technology.  This week has been a 3-day work week for me, and its gone by all too quickly.  I’ve been rushing through the inbox trying to get caught up and keep my head above water on the projects I am assigned to, I’m still breathing…but there were times I had to pull out a soda straw and fight for a breath.

Next week is VMworld in San Francisco, I’m really excited and a bit stressed at the same time.  I have a ton to get done before flying out on Sunday, I have week of yard work and other homeowner chores that have been neglected with consecutive weeks of travel and insane temperatures.

I will try to post some details from VMworld during the week, but I can’t make any promises…but I hope to at least have something exciting to share afterwards at the minimum.  I keep hoping my work schedule will slow down just a bit so I can leverage my lab environment to actually generate content anyone would want to read/watch.  Oh well, back to the struggle of leaving the place better than I found it…it is true that not all consultants seem to have that goal, gets frustrating to clean up after “experts” and even aggravating when the mess was created by someone I know.

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